Quick Facts

Below are quick facts about the City of Graham. If a relevant question is not referenced below, please submit it as a suggestion via our online Contact Us page.


General Questions

How many Street Miles does City of Graham extend?

61.60 miles

What are the City of Graham’s Major Thoroughfares?

Interstate 40/85, NC Highway 54, NC Highway 87, NC Highway 49

What county is the City of Graham located in?

Alamance County

Where is the City of Graham located?

50 miles Northwest of Raleigh, NC; 23 miles East of Greensboro, NC



How are the City of Graham’s officials elected?

Nonpartisan, At-large

What form of government does the City of Graham have?


What is the City of Graham’s governing body?

The Graham City Council


History of Graham

When was the City of Graham Incorporated?




How large is Graham?

Land Area (Corporate Limits): 9.7166 square miles or 6,206.72 acres

What is the population?


What is the Tax Base?


What is the Tax Rate?

$0.44 per $100 valuation