City Waives Yard Waste Fees through April

The ice storm on March 7, 2014, caused significant tree damage within the City, resulting in approximately 20,300 cubic yards of debris.  The extent of the damage would result in hundreds of invoices for excess yard waste and brush fees if the City stuck to the strict letter of its policy.  City Staff has not billed any fees since the storm and will not do so until May 1st.

Therefore, residents are encouraged to promptly place their debris curbside or on street shoulders.  Please do not block fire hydrants, water meters, mail receptacles or other utilities.  Debris generated from a tree contractor’s service must be disposed of by the contractor.

Crews are currently removing storm debris from City Streets and have made the first pass through about 75% of City streets.  NCDOT crews will remove debris along State roadways.  Questions regarding debris pick-up on State roads can be directed to 336-570-6833.