Future Planning

Comprehensive Plan logoComprehensive Plan

Graham’s comprehensive plan is the Growth Management Plan 2000-2020. This plan guides future growth and development by helping the city make decisions about land use, transportation, utilities, public services and more.

We’re updating this plan! You can help us prepare this plan by submitting your ideas, commenting on others, and participating in polls. As a thank you, you’ll earn points for participating, which you can cash in for great local rewardsJoin the conversation!

The Draft 2035 Comprehensive Plan is available for review!

A public workshop was held on April 8, 2014. View the results of this workshop in the Public Kickoff Meeting Report.

A Planning Conditions Report presents the community input and technical information that has been compiled thus far. You can download and review either the summary or complete report.

We hope to have a new comprehensive plan adopted in early 2015.


Pedestrian Plan

The City of Graham Pedestrian Transportation Plan was adopted in December 2006. It recommends both physical and policy changes to improve walking in our community, as well as suggestions for programs and funding sources. The Pedestrian Plan can be downloaded in sections: