Frequently Asked Questions

911: When to Call

Call 911 only for emergencies – situations where immediate police, fire or ambulance assistance is needed. For non-emergency situations, call (336) 570-6777. Examples include dogs barking, loud music complaints or directions.

Car Accidents

If you are involved in a minor accident where there are no visible signs of injury to persons involved and the vehicles are drivable, move your vehicle out of the traveled portion of the roadway. Cars left in the road contribute to traffic congestion which can cause other accidents. Call 911 and exchange driver information. DO NOT leave the scene until you have spoken to the police officer.

Community Watch Program

The foundation for creating and maintaining neighborhood crime prevention groups (Community Watch) is based on the assumption that a group of people in the neighborhood can come together to reestablish informal control, and can thereby increase the quality of life and reduce the crime rate in the neighborhood. Neighborhood Crime Prevention is based on the objective of removing opportunities for people to commit crime rather than attempting to change an offender or motivation. If you are interested in establishing a community watch program within your community contact the Lieutenant of Patrol (336) 570-6711

Fingerprint Service

Fingerprinting Times – Monday through Friday from 9:00am– 4:00 p.m. only Please bring your own fingerprint cards as we do not provide them. The agency requesting that you be fingerprinted should provide you with these cards. There is no charge for fingerprints.

It should be noted that:

  • The Police Department does not fingerprint for immigration or naturalization purposes.
  • We are not certified fingerprint technicians
  • We do fingerprints as a courtesy to our citizens
  • We are not responsible for returned fingerprints
  • If you need certified fingerprints, you may go to the Alamance County Sheriff’s Department. Their telephone number is (336) 570-6300.

Handgun Permits

The Sheriff’s Office issues permits to purchase a handgun and to carry a concealed handgun. The State Bureau of Investigation has permit statistics and other firearms law information.

Police Case Status

If you want more information about your case, the best way is to speak with the officer that took your report. Patrol officers usually investigate their own cases. If it is a case that demands considerable departmental resources, it will be reassigned to the Criminal Investigations Division and you will be contacted by an investigator.

If your case involves a juvenile (anyone under 16 years of age), it may be referred to the Juvenile Investigator and you will be contacted by a Juvenile Investigator.

Under normal circumstances, the officer or investigator will notify you of any important developments in your case. We encourage you to maintain contact with the police department and to call if you have any questions or concerns about your case.

Contact Information:

Patrol Division (336) 570-6711
Criminal Investigations (336) 570-6717
Administrative Division (336)570-6711

Police Department Employment

See Police Recruitment

Police Report Copies

Contact the Records Division.

Rabid Animals

The Alamance County Sheriff’s Office provides animal control services for the entire county. The City of Graham does not have an animal control officer. You may contact the Alamance County Sheriffs Department Animal Control. (336)570-6300

Suspicious Activity

Watching out for suspicious activity can be tricky, but you should remember one simple rule: “If you see a situation and it doesn’t feel right to you, it’s suspicious.” Many crimes have been prevented because alert citizens have reported suspicious activity. If your intuition tells you something isn’t right, call and report your suspicions. It’s better to discover that nothing is wrong than to let a crime be committed.

How do I hire a police officer for my special event?

Contact the Graham Police Departments Administrative Division Captain at (336) 570-6711. There is a predetermined rate of pay for the officer and the officer will have a minimum of three hours per event.

What can a police officer do if hired for a special event?

A police officer can be hired to do similar jobs that an officer can do when working for the City of Graham. Some examples of jobs officers are hired for are crowd control, direct traffic, employee terminations or general security. Officers are prohibited from doing jobs outside of the scope of their job description with the City of Graham Police Department. Please contact the Captain of Operations at (336) 570-6711 for more information.

How to File a Complaint or Commendation

If you feel you have been treated improperly by a Police Department employee, or if you have a significant concern regarding the actions of a Police Department employee, please call, write or visit:

Graham Police Department
Attention: Captain of Operations
216 South Maple Street
Graham, NC 27253
(336) 570-6711
Available 24 hours a day

If you have been assisted by a Police Department employee and wish to praise or commend the employee, please call, write, or visit:

Graham Police Department
Office of the Chief of Police
216 South Maple Street
Graham, NC 27253
(336) 570-6711
Monday through Friday 8 AM-5 PM

2006 Complaint Summary For the Graham Police Department

The purpose of this report is to analyze and summarize the citizen complaints against officers as well as internal complaints. This report reviews 12 complaints that were filed in the calendar year 2006. All ten complaints were on full time officers with (1) complaint being filed on a detective, (1) on a school resource officer and the remaining (9) on patrol personnel.

Breakdown of Complaints by type, quantity and finding:

Complaint Type Quantity Finding
Abuse of Power 3 (1) sustained, (2) unfounded
Conduct Standards 5 (2) sustained, (3) non-sustained
Criminal conduct 4 (3) non-sustained, (1) still under investigation

Of the 11 complaints processed in the calendar year 2006, three complaints were sustained, two were unfounded and six were non-sustained.

Explanation of Complaint Dispositions:

Sustained: The investigation disclosed sufficient evidence to prove clearly the allegation made in the complaint.

Unfounded: The allegation is false. The alleged incident never took place.

Not Sustained: The investigation failed to disclose sufficient evidence to prove the allegation made in the complaint.

Exonerated: The acts which provided the basis for the complaint or allegation occurred; however, investigation revealed that they were justified, lawful, and proper.

Complaint Resolution Time:

This is the time that it takes to investigate the complaint. It is measured with the starting day being the “Notification date”; the date that both the investigator and the involved member are notified of the investigation. The ending date is the date that the complainant notification is mailed.

Complaint Resolution Time Statistics:

Longest 42 days (waiting on proceedings to conclude in court)
Shortest 1 day
Average 12.7 days

The goal of these investigations is to produce a thorough analysis of each incident in an expeditious fashion for the member, to allay the concerns of the citizen complaint and also to correct any identified deficiencies on the part of our members. The resolution period of 30 days has been set as a goal for investigators handling these complaints. If the complaint investigation cannot be completed within that time period, a request for extension must be made and authorized by the Chief of Police. Only one complaint investigation in calendar year 2006 required an extension.

Calls for Service to Complaint Ratio

CY – 2006 Calls for Service 16,992
CY – 2006 Complaints 11
Call to Complaint Ratio 1416:1

There is one criminal complaint that does not have a resolution because the State Bureau of Investigation has taken the case and a disposition has not been made at time of this report. The involved individual resigned from the Graham Police Department during the investigation and no longer works for the City of Graham.

Other Questions

Should you need any additional information, please send us an email.