Special Response Team

The Graham Special Response Team (SRT) is comprised of 8 officers from the Graham Police Department. The team’s primary function is to handle high-risk situations requiring a higher level of weaponry and training. These situations can vary greatly from active shooters in a school, hostage barricades, high risk warrant service, or the team may be deployed for something as simple as evidence collection in a large area.

special-responseThe team has been in existence for nearly ten years and is continually training to reach a higher level of proficiency. Members are selected for the team when there is an opening available. Applicants must pass a grueling physical fitness test, written examination, high stress shooting course, and an oral board given by other members of the team. An annual physical fitness test is also given and each member is expected to maintain a high fitness level at all times throughout the year.

Each member of the team has a special assignment; however, they must retain a proficiency level for all other assignments in the case of an absent member during a call-out. These assignments are initial entry, observer/marksman, team leader, and team commander. Various other tasks are also required for each of those positions.

The team meets once a month at a minimum for further training. As members return from training schools across the country, that knowledge is brought to the team and practiced in preparation to utilize newer and more advanced techniques. Although incidents like Columbine High School are horrific disasters on the face of our country, these incidents help law enforcement teams to prepare for similar disasters in our communities.

This team encompasses all of The City of Graham and assists other agencies with high-risk situations.