Field Training Program

The Graham Police Department’s Field Training Officer Program is an extension of basic law enforcement training and the learning process that includes a wide diversity of information. The Field Training Program is fifteen weeks in length but may be modified based on an officer’s education, training and experience to no less than six weeks.

Annual Re-Training Program

The department conducts annual firearms qualification training as mandated by the North Carolina Administrative Code T12; 09E.0106. This training also includes legal updates, use of force, other state mandated training and any changes to policy and procedure.

Specialized Training

The Graham Police Department will provide, develop or obtain specialized training for its members as needed for the enhancement of skills, knowledge and abilities particular to the specialization.

The Graham Police Department recognizes the need for officers continuing to update training and education. Training is a priority with Graham Police Department and the department’s goal is for each officer to receive at least 80 hours of training each year. The department works with officers to identify and address individual training needs based upon experience and position.