The Graham Recreation and Parks Department (GRPD) recently unveiled a Mobile Parklet in downtown Graham. A Parklet is a small seating area or green space created as a public amenity on or alongside a sidewalk. While most parklets are typically permanent or semi-permanent, GRPD’s Mobile Parklet is designed to be relocated throughout Alamance County allowing use across all municipalities.  The Parklet is a 22’ x 7’ steel container purchased new, featuring seating, upcycled man hole tops for tables, a reclaimed beam from Carver’s, umbrellas donated by Glen Raven and flowering planter boxes.


GRPD is seeking an artist to submit a proposal to enhance the exterior of the Mobile Parklet. Currently, the exterior is a “battleship gray” adorned with a teal interior. The interior features colors of white umbrellas, black table tops and legs softened by the natural wood in the bench and flower boxes.   Project canvas space includes both of the 22’ sides of the Mobile Parklet.  The 7’ end caps and planter boxes will remain as is.  Proposals are due May 10 by 4:59p to GRPD Director and the selected proposal execution is to be complete by June 9, 2019.


It is encouraged all applicants visit the Mobile Parklet (135 West Elm Street, Downtown Graham) to aid in research design development.  Design proposals may be of any art medium as long as the medium can adhere to a steel structure and is weather resistant.   The completed work shall have an outdoor all-weather expectancy for a minimum of three years.


APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS:  Artist(s) interested in this project must prepare and submit a proposal including:

Proposed Concept

  • A full color conceptual design drawing, sketch, etc. sufficient to communicate the artistic concept shall be submitted by Friday May 10, 2019 (5p).  Proposals are limited to three different designs in total.

Letter of Interest

  • A one-page explanation for the submission of the proposal outlining the interest of the scoop of work.  Tell us who you are.  Please include name and contact information (address, email and prior project credentials).  If submitting as a team, identify each of your team members.

Project Budget

  • Outline the cost estimates of the supplies necessary to complete the work.  Include artist fees if applicable.


CIRCUMSTANCES FOR DISQUALIFICATION:  Artist(s) interested in this project must prepare and submit a proposal including:

  • Proposal application is incomplete or does not meet submission requirements
  • Resolution of proposal design is too low and details cannot be clearly viewed
  • Design proposal includes imagery taken directly from another artist’s work or from any copyrighted imagery found online or elsewhere.
  • Design proposal cannot clearly be executed using appropriate material to meet the project deadline
  • Design proposal is inappropriate for display in an outdoor public space
  • Design proposal contains direct advertisement of a product or company name associated with any artist or third party, any libelous or slanderous expression, or any obscene or pornographic content.

SUBMIT PROPOSAL TO:  Brian Faucette, GRPD Director, @ [email protected] Friday, May 10, 2019 by 4:59pm. The selected artist will be notified the following week.

QUESTIONS:  Brian Faucette, 336.510.7454 or Tel Fehlhafer, Parks Supervisor, 336.525.6784