The mission of the Graham Historical Museum is to collect and exhibit artifacts, photos, and documents that tell the story of Graham from its earliest days up through the mid-twentieth century. Industry, business, education, and land acquisition are only a few of the many components that influenced Graham’s history.

The Graham Historical Museum is proud to share its collection with visitors, educators, students, and history buffs, but there is always a need for more items to complete the story.

In addition to the main exhibit area of the Museum, a Library is now available on the second floor. A search is underway for items to expand the new Library collection.

How You Can Help

The Museum Advisory Board is interested in acquiring items such as:
• Dishes, children’s toys, period clothing, or other items that reflect Graham’s work and home life in the 18th, 19th or early 20th century;
• Military memorabilia or uniforms;
• Library items: books, maps, deeds, newspapers, etc.

If you have historical artifacts from Graham or relevant to Graham that you would like to loan or be gifted to the Museum, please call (336) 513-5510. All items are reviewed by the museum acquisition committee at the monthly museum advisory board meeting.