Come relax on the water and enjoy the views that Graham-Mebane Lake has to offer. The lake offers 3 canoes, 4 single kayaks, and 3 tandem kayaks available to rent on a first come basis with the option of “up to 4 hours” or “up to 8 hours” rental periods. Our top-tier kayak /canoe launch features a sturdy launch ramp and rollers, allowing for easy launch and recovery without scraping your boat on cement ramps. Its equipped with launch and grab rails for added safety and to help keep you dry. Rentals are available April – October. Bring your own canoe/kayak out or rent one of ours!

Vessel Rental Program

Up to 4 Hours Up to 8 Hours
Canoes $15 $20
Single Kayaks $12 $18
Tandem Kayak $18 $24

To rent a canoe or kayak:

• Renters must be age 16 or older
• Rentals are first come, first served; are non-refundable and non-transferable
• A valid, government-issued photo ID is required to rent
• Complete a rental agreement and liability waiver form at the Lake Office
• Personal flotation devices (PFD’s) and paddles are provided. PFD’s must be worn while on or near the water.
• No rental permits will be issued within 2 hours of closing time
• All rental boats must be returned 1 hour prior to closing time
• Persons must be of walking age to enter any rental vessel

Canoe Restrictions
• Renter and operator must be age 16 or older
• Maximum capacity is three persons age 16 and older, or two persons age 16 and older and two persons under age 16
• There must be a person age 16 or older in the canoe
• There must be an adult (age 18 or older) in the canoe for every person age 12 and under
• Ages 8 and under must be accompanied in canoe with parent or legal guardian
• The canoe weight restriction is 1,100 pounds

Kayak Restrictions
• Renter and operator must be age 16 or older. Exception: Youth ages 14-15 may rent/operate a kayak if:
– A parent/grandparent/legal guardian signs the Waiver Release of Liability; or
– We receive parental/legal guardian permission via telephone conversation
• Youth ages 9-13 may operate a solo kayak with a parent/legal guardian-signed waiver and must be supervised on the water by said parent or legal guardian in an adjacent vessel
• Ages 8 and under must be on a tandem kayak with a parent or legal guardian
• One person allowed on solo kayak at a time
• The solo kayak weight restriction is 350 pounds

• Renters un-rack, launch, and re-rack kayaks by themselves
• All rental customers and passengers are REQUIRED TO WEAR THE PFD’s issued to them at all times while on or near the water
• Renters must return to the marina building to complete the checkout process. PFD’s and paddles must be returned to Lake Staff at this time
• No Swimming is allowed. If you fall in you must get out of the water immediately
• Rental boats and equipment must be returned in same condition as when they were rented
• Vessel renters and passengers may not make contact with the shoreline or bank or exit the vessel anywhere on or along Graham-Mebane Lake other than the designated launch/return area
• Vessel renters and passengers must comply with all ordinances, regulations, and rules governing the use of Graham-Mebane Lake
• Boat rental operation may be suspended and/or cancelled due to inclement weather; if in doubt call the Marina at (919) 563-6544 for possible closings
• Lake Staff reserves the right to deny rentals