Downtown Master Plan

Graham adopted a Downtown Master Plan to allow us to update our infrastructure and steer design choices in the future. The Graham City Council adopted the plan at their November 5, 2019 meeting. A copy of the plan is available here: Adopted Downtown Master Plan

Comprehensive Plan

Graham adopted a new comprehensive plan effective September 5th, 2015. The Graham 2035 Comprehensive Plan has a few changes that were undertaken as a result of feedback from Council members and the public at the meeting, which will be forthcoming. Please inquire if you have any questions regarding the plan.

Our old plan was the Growth Management Plan 2000-2020. This plan served the citizens of Graham well, and helped guide us through a major housing boom in the mid 2000’s, as well as the economic recession of the late 2000’s. The fact that it worked for both situations suggests the diligence of the committee who worked so hard to make it happen. Thank you for your involvement!

A Planning Conditions Report presents the community input and technical information that has been compiled thus far. You can download and review either the summary or complete report.

Pedestrian Plan

The City of Graham Pedestrian Transportation Plan was adopted in December 2006. It recommends both physical and policy changes to improve walking in our community, as well as suggestions for programs and funding sources. The Pedestrian Plan can be downloaded in sections:

Hazard Mitigation Plan

The City of Graham is scheduled to adopt the Eno-Haw Hazard Mitigation Plan on November 3rd, 2015. This plan updates the previous Alamance County Hazard Mitigation Plan and deals with disasters from floods to droughts. This plan is large; please be willing to wait for it to complete loading.

Eno-Haw Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan