Big Bass Tournament
Graham-Mebane Lake sponsors a season-long big bass tournament, the 2019 dates are March 1  – October 13.  There is a monthly winner for the heaviest largemouth bass caught and weighed.  Each monthly winner receives an annual permit for the upcoming year and qualifies for the Fish-Off on October 19th. 2019.  The top three finishers in the Fish-Off receive cash prizes.

Entrance fee: $25.00/year

2018 Big Bass Tournament


Winning Weight

March8.16 lbs.
April8.03 lbs.
May 7.74 lbs
June6.96 lbs
July7.22 lbs
August6.31 lbs
September6.93 lbs.

2018 Big Bass Tournament Fish-OFF

1st Place – Kurt Krone – 6.39 lbs.

2nd Place – Tom Williams – 4.16 lbs.

3rd Place – Bobby Rich – 3.87 lbs.


Catfish Tournaments
The Lake sponsors three bank-fishing catfish tournaments each summer.  Each tournament runs from 8:00 pm to midnight.  Cash prizes are awarded for the three heaviest catfish caught and weighed in during the tournament.  Call 919.563.6544 for more information.

Entrance Fee: $15.00/entrant

2018 Catfish Tournament Dates: May 19th, June 16th & July 14th & Bonus Tournament on 8/11 (7pm-11pm)

2018 Catfish Tournaments


Winning Weight

May 193.02, 2.82, 1.31 lbs.
June 166.12, 4.08, 3.70 lbs.
July 145.52, 3.43, 1.67 lbs.
August 115.92, 4.56, 4.42 lbs.

NC Wildlife Tackle Loaner Program
Graham-Mebane Lake participates in the NC Wildlife Tackle Loaner Program. The program is designed to introduce kids to fishing by allowing them to sign out fishing rods to use free of charge.  Parental guidance is required. Please ask Lake Staff for more information.

Community Fishing Program
The Graham Recreation and Parks Department has joined with the NC Wildlife Resource Commission’s Community Fishing Program to install a handicap-accessible fishing pier and solar-powered fish feeders to make fishing more enjoyable for all anglers.  A second pier was installed to reduce crowding and allow bank anglers to fish areas that were previously out of reach.  This makes our Bank Fishing Area ideal for families seeking enjoyable and economical fishing trips.