A Message From The Mayor

In the interest of the continued safety of the citizens of Graham, last night, I announced a city curfew through June 9 at 6:00 AM, unless it is rescinded prior.

The decision made last night is more than just a curfew; it is a State of Emergency Declaration.  A State of Emergency does more than impose restrictions on human behavior, such as a curfew our residents must follow. This procedure legally sets into motion several behind the scenes processes the City can employ to ensure safety and security of all.  Understandably, the curfew portion and its release remains the center of attention.

There are several instances where a State of Emergency is declared in advance and disseminated with an excess of time.  For events such as hurricanes or winter storms, we often have days to prepare based on scientific forecasts.  The threat of civil unrest is generally not a planned instance shared with the City.  The priority of notice in these types of circumstances quickly creates the scenario of emergency management.

Last night, those on the front line charged with keeping the peace, as well as several City employees scrambled in their pajamas and tried quickly and diligently to get word out to as many citizens as possible via several mediums.  We all spent time personally answering questions well into early morning hours making sure our citizens felt safe and secure.

Our citizen’s safety is of utmost importance to me and the staff at the City of Graham. We always strive to direct decisions made to our citizens as quickly as possible while using as many avenues as possible. We understand the frustration, but please know we are diligently trying to allow as much notice to the citizens as we possibly can manage. We are here to ensure your safety, and always have you all in our foremost thought. 

City of Graham NC, Mayor Jerry Peterman