Agendas & Minutes

City Council meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6PM in the Council Chambers (201 S. Main St., Graham, NC 27253).  Below you will find a list of our current and past meetings for the entire year. Click the agenda or meeting minutes links to view the documents in more detail.  Download the September 14, 2021 agenda packet here.

Council Meeting DateDeadline for Agenda Packet – 5:00 p.m.AgendaMinutes
January 12, 2021January 5, 2021
Virtual Regular SessionVirtual Regular Session
January 27, 2021N/AVirtual Special SessionVirtual Special Session
February 9, 2021February 2, 2021Virtual Regular SessionVirtual Regular Session
March 4, 2021N/AVirtual Special SessionVirtual Special Session
March 9, 2021March 2, 2021Virtual Regular SessionVirtual Regular Session
April 13, 2021April 6, 2021Virtual Regular SessionRegular Session
May 11, 2021May 4, 2021Regular SessionRegular Session
June 8, 2021June 1, 2021Regular SessionRegular Session
June 17, 2021N/ASpecial SessionSpecial Session
July 13, 2021July 6, 2021Regular SessionRegular Session
August 10, 2021August 3, 2021Regular Sessionforthcoming
September 14, 2021September 7, 2021Regular Sessionforthcoming
October 12, 2021October 5, 2021forthcomingforthcoming
November 9, 2021November 2, 2021forthcomingforthcoming
December 14, 2021December 7, 2021forthcomingforthcoming
December 8, 2020December 1, 2020Virtual SessionVirtual Session
November 10, 2020November 3, 2020Virtual SessionVirtual Session
October 13, 2020October 6, 2020Virtual SessionVirtual Session
September 8, 2020September 2, 2020Virtual Session Virtual Session
August 11, 2020August 5, 2020 Virtual SessionVirtual Session
July 14, 2020July 8, 2020Amended Virtual SessionVirtual Session
July 10, 2020N/ASpecial SessionSpecial Session
July 8, 2020N/ASpecial SessionSpecial Session
June 9, 2020June 3, 2020Virtual SessionVirtual Session
May 12, 2020May 6, 2020Virtual SessionVirtual Session
April 14, 2020April 8, 2020CancelledCancelled
March 10, 2020March 2, 2020Regular SessionRegular Session
March 4, 2020N/ASpecial SessionSpecial Session
February 11, 2020February 5, 2020Regular SessionRegular Session
January 14, 2020January 8, 2020Regular SessionRegular Session
January 13, 2020N/ASpecial SessionSpecial Session

Changes Due To COVID-19

Public Comments

Public Comments

A Public Comment period will be held at the end of all City Council meetings. For those who wish to address the City Council during

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Virtual Council Meeting

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, City Council meetings will be held via ZOOM until further notice. The meetings will be live streamed on the City

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The most recent council meeting video is provided for convenience. To view other videos, visit us on YouTube by clicking HERE .