Finance & Taxes

The City of Graham Finance Department is responsible for administering the City’s financial policies and procedures, maintaining complete records of all financial transactions, and ensuring the City’s sound financial position. Functions within the Finance Department consist of accounts payable, accounting, cash management, inventory/capital asset management, utility billing, government reporting and purchasing.  
The Finance Department consists of the Finance Officer, Accounting Technician and Tax Collector.  The Utility Billing Department consists of the Water Billing Supervisor, Water Billing Technician, and two customer service representatives.


Finance Division

Finance prepares and monitors the annual budget, invests City funds to protect assets, maintains fiscal liquidity and maximizes income in compliance with all governing financial and accounting laws.

Tax Division

The City has levied a $0.2899 tax per $100 valuation of taxable property.

Water & Sewer Billing

The City of Graham makes it easy for customers to pay their utility bill online, including services for water and sewer.