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The City of Graham strives to provide periodic updates about the goings on in the community. Graham values public engagement and believes in keeping residents informed as part of a strategy to improve government transparency. With this goal in mind, the City aims to communicate through a variety of channels including this website, the CityGram newsletter, and social media pages. In addition, people may now subscribe to receive email notifications in order to increase access to information and deliver relevant stories directly to residents and visitors via an RSS Feed. 

A Message From The Mayor

In the interest of the continued safety of the citizens of Graham, last night, I announced a city curfew through June 9 at 6:00 AM, unless it is rescinded prior.


City of Graham Curfew 9p.m.

UPDATE: City of Graham update to the State of Emergency Declaration The following limitations in the conduct of citizens & visitors of the City are hereby imposed:

1) A curfew of 9 p.m. with the exception of Public Safety personnel, Doctors, Nurses and such other classes of persons as may be essential to the preservation of public order and immediately necessary to serve safety, health and welfare needs of the people within the City;

2. a prohibition against travel to or within the Fire Limits as prescribed in Section 6-31 of the City of Graham Code of Ordinances;

3. a prohibition against the possession, transportation, sale, purchase, and consumption of alcoholic beverages away from one’s own premises;

4. a prohibition against the use of dangerous weapons and substances unless permitted or exempted by Section 2-54(4) of the City of Graham Code of Ordinances or application General Statute.

For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

Mayor Peterman has issued a Declaration of a State of Emergency (May 31, 2020) due to the potential for damage or injury, due to civil unrest. The area shall be and extend to the corporate limits of the City of Graham.

In summary…
Restricted Access: It shall be unlawful to disobey any barriers, warning signs or other structures that restrict vehicular or pedestrian travel due to road closure, detours, hazards, etc.

Furthermore, this declaration denies or restricts access to areas, streets, highways or locations within the City in which that restriction or denial of access or use is reasonably necessary to promote efforts being made to overcome the emergency or to prevent further aggravation of the emergency.

Public Comments

Public Comments

A Public Comment period will be held at the end of all City Council meetings. For those who wish to address the City Council during the Public Comment period or