Becoming a Firefighter

Join our TEAM!


Must live in the city limits or no more than 2 miles outside of the city limits

Meet minimum age requirement – 18 years old

High school diploma or GED

Pass a background check

Pass Drug Screening

Proof of residency

Once you join the department, you will be trained as a firefighter. This may require you to take classes in the evenings and weekends. Classes may be held at the department or other locations based on the class type.

Depending on the training you receive and the department’s needs, you may be asked to do some of the following task:

Fire Suppression

Emergency Medical Services

Hazardous Materials

Fire Prevention

Public Events


GFD volunteers are provided a stipend for the incidents they respond to and for the training classes they attend

The State of NC requires all firefighters to obtain a minimum of 36 hours of firefighter training per calendar year.

The GFD offers training classes at least 3 times per month

Volunteering is one of the best ways to get the necessary training and experience to be an attractive candidate for a career firefighting position

If you are interested in a position with the Graham Fire Department, please fill out a volunteer firefighter application and someone from the fire department will get in touch with you. Click here to fill out an application.