Future City of Graham Recreation Complex

Thank you for taking a look at the Future City of Graham Recreation Complex! The City of Graham currently owns over 118 acres of land off of Jim Minor Road on which we hope to eventually build a park. The plan below is an initial park drawing that has been developed over the past three years with input from the Graham Recreation and Parks Department Staff. We want to further develop this plan to suit the public’s needs — so we are asking for your help!


Where will the park be located?
The land is located on Jim Minor Road. The city purchased 118 acres of land in 2011 with the help of a Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Grant. Please see top right corner of park plan for a map.

When do you think the park will be done?
The completion of the park will take many years and will likely be developed in phases.

How much will the park cost?
We estimate the final cost of the park to be at least 20 million dollars. We are currently working on ways to develop revenue to fund the park.

Will this facility be used for athletic tournaments?
Yes. The current plan has ample parking and state of the art athletic facilities to be able to host weekend tournaments when the city is not using the fields. These tournaments will generate revenue to help offset park expenses.

Is there a pool?
No. In place of a pool, the current plan includes a splash pad area.

Is this the final plan?
No. This is simply the first plan put together with help from Graham Recreation staff and research into other similarly sized parks. We will be updating this plan using input and ideas from the community.

Still have questions? Email Graham Recreation & Parks Director, Brian Faucette or call (336) 513-5510.