Bluebird Trail at Bill Cooke Park

Bluebird Trail at Bill Cooke Park 

Address: Bill Cooke Park
1010 Townbranch Road
Graham, NC 27253

Hours: Sunrise till Sunset, seven days a week

Phone: (336) 513-5510

Ten nest boxes are located at Bill Cooke Park creating a Bluebird Trail as a conservation effort to ensure the future of the Eastern Bluebird and other native cavity nesting birds in North Carolina. Nest boxes were be built by the older age groups at the 2020 Graham Recreation & Parks Summer Day Camp. The nest boxes are now installed and monitored by Graham Recreation & Parks. 

Bluebird Trail Map

Bluebird Trail Maintenance Report – 2021

NOTICE: Please do NOT disturb nest boxes or remove nests or eggs. It is a Federal offense to molest or destroy any protected species of wildlife. Protected by Federal Law.

Learn more about the Eastern Bluebird in North Carolina at NC Bluebird Society