Water QualityPreventativeMaintenanceProgram

This month, the water utilities of Graham, Green Level, Mebane and Swepsonville will end the routine water quality preventative maintenance program. Starting on April 15th, the Graham-Mebane Water Plant will switch from chlorine back to chloramines, which is a federal and state standard disinfectant for drinking water.

Both chlorinated and chloraminated water are safe for drinking, cooking and other general uses. Specialized industries such as medical facilities offering kidney dialysis, fish tanks and pond owners and some businesses that use water in their production process should take precautions with the switch back to chloramines as it may require adjustments to their current filtration and treatment systems.

The Water Quality Preventative Maintenance program is important to maintain the safety of the drinking water and optimize the water quality in distribution systems.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact the Graham-Mebane Water Plant at (336)578-3264.