City Manager’s recommend budget FY22/23

In summary, as the City Manager, it is my responsibility to recommend a fiscally sound and financially responsible budget that reflects the organizational goals of the City Council and represents the needs of our community. The 2022-2023 budget has been developed in accordance with all statutory provisions and provides a framework for the upcoming budget year that mirrors the priorities of our Governing Body.

Preparation of a budget is no small feat. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all our department heads and Assistant City Manager. Each of these individuals submitted sound budget requests and played an important role in finalizing a draft budget that is fiscally responsible and serves our citizens well. Throughout the process, we asked many questions, and everyone responded in a prompt fashion. I cannot thank each of you enough for your dedication and commitment. The budget process would be infinitely more difficult without the guidance, patience, and input from all those involved.

I invite any party interested in viewing the budget book in its entirety to contact our City Clerk. It will also be made available via the City website:
Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to work for this organization. I appreciate your support, guidance, and encouragement as I am able to provide my service to our great City. I look forward to working with you to finalize a budget for the upcoming fiscal year that will best serve the people of Graham.

Respectfully submitted this 10th day of May 2022.

Megan M. Garner City Manager

FY22/23 Proposed Budget