GPD News Release – (update 9.23.20)

On 09-23-2020, at around 8:04 PM the Graham Police Department had several officers in the Court Square area that were monitoring a protest. Two officers were stationary on the corner of W. Elm St and Court Square when Ryan Evans approached the officers and told them that he had been assaulted and he had it on video. After officers obtained Evans information and gave a description of the suspect the two officers went to approach the subject to speak with him about the incident. The crowd that was with the subject who was later identified as Kani Bynum had a group of approximately 10 subjects surround him so officers could not speak with him about the crime that the officers had reasonable suspicion to investigate of simple assault. Another group surrounded the officer who were now being assisted by several Alamance County Sheriffs deputies to keep the crowd back. Bynum then ran on foot to a car that was located on W. Elm St. about 350 feet west from where the officers first tried to contact Bynum. Officers were able to get Bynum out of the car and arrested him for resist delay and obstruct and simple assault. Bynum was transported to the Alamance County Jail and given a written promise to appear in court.

Kani Aoon Bynum
605 Martin St.
Burlington NC 27406

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