Questions about your property value?

 Contact Alamance County at 336-570-4068

North Carolina State Statutes require that all real property (land, buildings, and other improvements to the land) be revalued at market value at least every 8 years. This is to ensure that the value of property is accurate in light of changing real estate market conditions during the previous cycle. If you feel that your property value is too high or too low, now is the time to communicate with the Alamance County Tax Office. A link to the appeal’s page can be found at or you can call them at 336-570-4068.

The City appreciates the feedback from our citizens and business community, and we highly encourage anyone with concerns to reach out to the Alamance County Tax Office as the revaluation process is a County function. Please be assured that the City Council has heard the concerns from our citizens and these concerns have been conveyed to the appropriate County representatives.