Coronavirus (COVID–19) Day Camp Updates

A Message from our Director (05/29/2020)

The Graham Recreation and Parks Department (GRPD) is excited to operate our Summer Day Camp program this year but we are asking you to help us make the program safe for all families and staff. This will require your family to continue to make decisions that keep you healthy and to social distance when in public. Be assured the GRPD staff has thoroughly cleaned all facilities and will be taking extensive measures to ensure the safety of our campers and staff using procedures outlined in the attached COVID-19 Procedures for Summer Camp. Please take time to review the new procedures, they will affect daily operations of summer camp. You will notice some sections are (REQUIRED) based on guidance from the NC Dept. of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS). These requirements will be followed by everyone associated with GRPD’s Summer Day Camp program. If you choose not to be involved in our program because of the requirements or if at any point during the summer you wish to withdraw your camper and request a refund, we will honor that request.

We will begin our new version of GRPD’s Summer Day Camp program on June 8th.  One of the few similarities to past day camp programs is the hours of operation, 7:00am-5:30pm. Almost everything else will be a new experience for us all!!  

Again, please review all guidelines the GRPD will follow while operating Summer Day Camp.  Below are a few highlights:

  • Schedule: June 8th – Aug. 14th (if school schedules change, we will provide care for the week of Aug. 17th – 21st)
  • (REQUIRED) – Please log-in to your Community Pass account to review the weeks you registered your child(ren) for day camp then send me an email at [email protected] to confirm or change your weeks by Wednesday, June 3rd (we must have the confirmation in writing). Individual invoices will be sent to families based on the confirmed camp schedule.
  • (REQUIRED) – All families are required to sign and submit (on their first day of camp) the attached COVID-19 Assumption of Risk form.
  • As of today, all field trips to commercial operations have been cancelled. We will reassess throughout the summer and inform you of any changes. If we add field trips to the schedule, you will have the option of your camper attending the field trips or staying at the camp facility.
  • Groups will be divided across three facilities: (I will confirm your camper’s group when I receive the confirmation email for the weeks your family will need)
  • Group A (Kindergartners) will be at the Maple St. Center, 306 S. Maple St, behind First Horizon Bank and beside the Children’s Museum. The entrance for the Maple St. Center will be off McAden St. and cars should exit onto Maple St. Max. capacity at this facility is 12 campers.
  • Groups B (1st graders), C (2nd) D (3rd) and E (4th) will be at the Graham Recreation Center, 311 College St., behind Peak Resources rehabilitation center. You may use either entrance and exit but please pull to the front entrance curb with the passenger side of the vehicle next to the curb. Max. capacity at this facility is 56 campers.
  • Groups F (4th-5th) and G (6th-7th) will be at the Graham Civic Center, 503 McGee St., behind Graham Middle School and beside the Graham Swimming Pool. Drop-off and Pick-up will take place along McGee St., please pull close to the front entrance with the passenger side of the vehicle next to the curb. Max. capacity at this facility is 26 campers.
  • Each group will have a bag of equipment to be used only by members of the group and counselors will disinfect the equipment after each activity.
  • Each camper will have individual craft supplies.
  •  Lunches will be provided but as of today, we are uncertain of that schedule.
  •  Sanitation and Hygiene will be a major focus for counselors and staff. Please encourage your children to practice appropriate hygiene.
  • Staff will be required to wear cloth face coverings when social distancing cannot be practiced. As recommended by the CDC and NCDHHS, campers are encouraged to wear cloth face coverings but it is not required.
  • If it is determined a camper (or anyone in their household) tests positive or displays symptoms for COVID-19 and that camper has been inside a day camp facility, the facility will be closed for 72 hours while staff safely cleans the entire facility. No other facility will be opened to accommodate the campers located in the affected facility but an appropriate refund will be given for the missed time.


  • Parents/Guardians should not enter the day camp facility. A staff member will greet campers at the curb (or just inside the facility) to screen them each day and assist them into the facility. We will make accommodations during the first few days for shy or nervous campers but in general, parents/guardians will not be allowed into the facilities.
  • Screening guidelines – Please review the full guidelines on page 5 of the COVID-19 Procedures for Summer Camp
    • No one with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be allowed into a facility (temperatures will be taken on site everyday)
    • No one with symptoms associated with COVID-19 will be allowed into a facility
    • No one sharing a household or having close contact with anyone with COVID-19 or anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 will be allowed into a facility
  • If a staff person is not at the curb to meet you at arrival or departure, please call 336.570.6718 to reach someone in your camper’s facility.

Again, we are excited to offer the Summer Day Camp program and are committed to providing a safe and fun experience for everyone; please do your part help us reach that goal!

If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to call or email.

Stay safe,

Brian Faucette
Graham Recreation & Parks
[email protected]
(336) 513-5510

COVID-19 Procedures for Summer Camp
COVID-19 Assumption of Risk