The Graham Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality of police service to the citizens and visitors to our city. Dedicated to improving the quality of life in our city, the department works in partnership with the community to provide a high degree of effective and efficient public safety while maintaining respect for cultural diversity and individual rights and dignity.
If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction please click the link below. Addicted.org is a national community outreach organization that helps to put people in touch with local resources to assist those struggling with addiction.
North Carolina Substance Use Disorder Resources


The Graham Police Department is comprised of 58 sworn and non-sworn employees dedicated to the mission of IMPACTing our community through public safety. Integrity Motivation Professionalism Accountability Commitment Trust

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible division within the Graham Police Department. Consisting of mostly uniformed patrol officers, they are the first to respond to calls for service.


The Investigations Division supports the Patrol Division and consists of the Criminal Investigations Unit and Narcotics Unit. The Investigation Division is led by the Investigations Division Lieutenant.

Crime Data

Crime data is used in a variety of ways and for a number of reasons. The City of Graham consider crime rates when making budgeting decisions, policy development, evaluation, program creation, legislative action, and funding allotment, as well as other processes.

Support Services

The Services Division consists of two sections: Professional Standards and Support Services. Professional Standards includes: Accreditation, Recruitment, Training and Community Outreach. The Support Services Section includes: Parking Enforcement, Records, Fingerprinting and School Resource Officers.

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GPD Announcements

GPD New Release – Officer Involved Shooting

Contact: All questions related to this statement can be directed to Interim Chief Kristi Cole, kcole@cityofgraham.com.(336)570-6711  Earlier today, Sean Boone, the District Attorney in Alamance County, released his findings related to the

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GPD New Release- Shooting 07/13/20

Contact: Lieutenant Daniel Sisk, PIO dsisk@cityofgraham.com (336)570-6711 / (336) 639-0634 On 07/13/2020 at approximately 2143 hours Graham Police Officers responded to the area of Pomeroy Street and Sellers Mill Road

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GPD Press Release 6.27.20

For immediate release…Graham Police Department has been receiving viable intelligence about a large group of individuals demonstrating at the historic courthouse located at Court Square on 06/27/2020…read more in the

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City of Graham Curfew 9p.m.

UPDATE: City of Graham update to the State of Emergency Declaration The following limitations in the conduct of citizens & visitors of the City are hereby imposed:

1) A curfew of 9 p.m. with the exception of Public Safety personnel, Doctors, Nurses and such other classes of persons as may be essential to the preservation of public order and immediately necessary to serve safety, health and welfare needs of the people within the City;

2. a prohibition against travel to or within the Fire Limits as prescribed in Section 6-31 of the City of Graham Code of Ordinances;

3. a prohibition against the possession, transportation, sale, purchase, and consumption of alcoholic beverages away from one’s own premises;

4. a prohibition against the use of dangerous weapons and substances unless permitted or exempted by Section 2-54(4) of the City of Graham Code of Ordinances or application General Statute.

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For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

Mayor Peterman has issued a Declaration of a State of Emergency (May 31, 2020) due to the potential for damage or injury, due to civil unrest. The area shall be and extend to the corporate limits of the City of Graham.

In summary…
Restricted Access: It shall be unlawful to disobey any barriers, warning signs or other structures that restrict vehicular or pedestrian travel due to road closure, detours, hazards, etc.

Furthermore, this declaration denies or restricts access to areas, streets, highways or locations within the City in which that restriction or denial of access or use is reasonably necessary to promote efforts being made to overcome the emergency or to prevent further aggravation of the emergency.

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You can apply (By Clicking Here)  for a Group Demonstration, Parade or Picket in accordance with the City of Graham Code of Ordinances Chapter 18 Article VI Sections 18-172 through 18-182 entitled Parade or demonstration Permit. Applications are only reviewed Monday- Friday during normal business hours. Applications are not reviewed on holidays or weekends.

To apply for use of city streets, sidewalks, or facilities submit an application (click here).

A copy of the dmv-349 crash report is available to the following parties:

Drivers and/or passengers of the vehicle(s) involved in the collision.

Owners of the vehicle(s) involved in the collision.

To any party representing the above aforementioned parties in any legal or civil proceeding(s).

For your convenience, the Graham Police Department provides a copy of traffic accident reports free of charge. Please allow five (5) business days for the report to be processed prior to requesting a copy. A copy may be obtained in any of the following ways:

In person at the Graham Police Department located at

216 S Maple St., Graham NC 27253 (please have this paper or the report number with you).

Via the internet at https://graham.Ecrash.Interplat.Com/

When you have an emergency for police, fire or ambulance services. For a non-police emergency, you should dial 336-229-3500.

The City of Graham uses Extra Duty Solutions to manage all requests for officers related to a special event. If you require this service you may contact them at 336-438-7067 or email grahamnc@extradutysolutions.com

Note: Officers must be paid through extra duty solutions. 

To submit a Special Event application (click here).

216 S. Maple Street Graham, NC 27253


  • Age. All applicants must be at least 20 years of age an posses a valid N.C. Driver’s License
  • Education. High School graduate or have possession of a high school equivalency certificate issued by the NC State Board of Education or the adult high school diploma issued by the NC Department of Community Colleges. Completion of advanced degrees preferred.
  • Physical Requirements. All applicants must be in good physical condition and able to perform assigned duties. Applicants must pass a physical examination.
  • Eyesight and Hearing. Normal vision or both eyes corrected to current minimum standards in each eye. Normal color, depth perception, and normal hearing are required. Vision requirements are perscribed by the Criminal Justice Standards Division. 
  • Character and Morals. All applicants must be of good moral character, clean habits, and free from evidence of intemperance. A background investigation will be conducted on each applicant and will concern all factors relating to the acceptability of the applicant.
The Graham Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The selection process is administered in the following sequence:

Preliminary Interview

All candidates are screened to determine possession of minimum desirable qualifications.

Background Investigation

Candidates are subject to a through character investigation and assessment by the Department to determine if the applicant is acceptable for professional law enforcement service. Candidates will undergo polygraph and psychological testing. Candidates are also examined by the City’s physician to determine if the applicant meets established health requirements and to determine ability to pass physical performance and drug tests.

Probationary Period

Following appointment, officers are subject to an on-the-job evaluation during a 12-month probationary period. All candidates must meet the standards established by the Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission, which includes a 12-month probationary period.

Employees earn vacation at the rate of 10 days per year. For employees with 5 or more years of continuous service, annual leave is accrued at a greater rate. Ten holidays are recognized annually.

With supervisor approval, employees may take up to three hours during a workday with pay to see a doctor or dentist monthly. Employees earn 12 days sick leave per year, which may be accumulated without limit. Comprehensive medical hospitalization and life insurance are provided at no cost. These benefits are available for the employees’ dependents at a reduced rate. The City offers a $500 maximum benefit dental plan with no deductible that covers any procedure performed by a dentist. All employees may join the Truliant Federal Credit Union.

The City provides each employee with a life insurance policy at no cost. Additional coverage for employees and their dependents (up to $100,000) may be purchased at reasonable rates. Accidental death coverage is included. The North Carolina Local Government Retirement System will pay the beneficiaries of an active employee who dies a benefit equal to their annual salary, but no less than $25,000 or more than $50,000.

The retirement system offers a program of security for employees to meet the needs of retirement or disability. Both the employees and the City contribute to this system. If you choose to terminate your employment before qualifying for the retirement benefits, your contributions will be returned to you upon application. The City contributes 5% of salary to a state sponsored 401-K plan. Employees have the option to make additional contributions to this account; Employee contributions are tax deferred. The 401-K plan offers a variety of investment options as well as a loan provision.

A tuition assistance program is available to employees. Degree programs are available through local colleges and universities. The educational achievement of a new police officer may enable him or her to begin pay at a higher level or step, with the opportunity to advance to another pay level if education is obtained.

All uniforms and equipment are furnished by the City. Officers that live within Alamance and surrounding Counties may have the opportunity to take their assigned police vehicle home.

Reports can be obtained from the Records Division at Graham Police Department headquarters Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We are very proud of our Police Department and enjoy giving tours. You can arrange a tour by contacting Sgt. Keith Kirkman at (336) 570-6711.

Neighborhood Watch programs are a good way to meet those in your community and it helps make your neighborhood safer. Contact a Sgt. or Lt.  at (336) 570-6711.

If you want to know if an officer has served a warrant, call our administrative line (336) 570-6711 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. so they may tell you that warrant information cannot be given out over the phone.

At Graham Police Department we pride ourselves in the services we provide for our community. If you call in and ask to be transferred to our dispatch center. They will be able to take your information and provide extra patrols in your neighborhood when units are available. (336) 570-6711

If you are a victim of domestic violence under imminent threat call 911, if this is an ongoing experience and you need to learn about how to file in court you can contact Family Abuse Services of Alamance County Inc at (336) 226-5982 or appear in person during normal business hours at 1950 Martin St., Burlington, NC

If something doesn`t look right, it`s worth having an officer check it out. Don`t hesitate to call (336) 570-6777 or 911 if you think something or someone is suspicious.

Currently, our fingerprinting section is unavailable, we will post here when it is back up and running.

Graham Police Department provides fingerprinting on a limited basis from 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Monday thru Friday, for City of Graham residence only.

Call into the department (336) 570-6711 and ask to speak with an officer about it.

Call into the department (336) 570-6711 and ask to speak with an officer about it.

Payments for parking tickets may be made at the Graham Police Department 216 South Maple Street, Graham NC 27253 during the hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday-Friday or by mail.

Questions concerning parking tickets should be directed to the City of Graham Police Department at 336-570-6711.

To register a complaint, follow the guidelines below:

Contact the Graham Police Department either in person or by phone at 336-570-6711. Ask to speak with the on-duty supervisor.

Report the complaint to the on-duty supervisor. The on-duty supervisor will need the details of your complaint and will also need your full name, address, telephone number and other information that may be important.

The on-duty supervisor may have to complete a Graham Police Department Complaint Report after you have spoken to them. If a report is required, the complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel for further investigation.

A representative of the Graham Police Department will contact you for further information that may be necessary to complete the investigation of your complaint